[Gasification] Alter NRG Waste Gasification

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As I have previously posted to the list the electrical power input to the
AlterNRG process is about 2.5% of the total heat input allowing for the
conversion to electricity.   In the AlterNRG scheme you can think of the
plasma heated bed like a high temperature hot plate that maintains
temperature for conversion at the grate and melts the ash fraction which is
recovered as slag through the bed. Because you have a hot bed it allows you
to control gasification air more closely and make a higher quality gas. It
is still fundamentally an updraft gasifier but with an externally
controllable slagging bed.   




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Dear Tom


Have you ever seen any figures showing electrical energy consumption
required per kw-hr of output gas energy? 


More specifically, "Plasma energy In" vs "Chemical energy Out"...





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Plasma gasification for waste goes to work.  


> Alter NRG announces commissioning of biomass gasifier at waste to ...
("Alter NRG" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Wuhan Kaidi
("Kaidi"), which purchased a Westinghouse Plasma gasifier design, and plasma
torch ...


ergy> &val=976528&cat=energy






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