[Gasification] Continous gasifier for household scale - experience sharing

Tuong DoDuc tuong.do at devi-renewable.com
Mon May 13 02:54:39 CDT 2013

Dear gasifier experts,

The team in SNV Vietnam is adopting the continous gasifier model developed
by Belonio. The manual has been obtained from the CRHET.
Watch our first propotype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQGS-VQIj5M
We were able to control the fire, load fuel without affecting the fire, and
easily remove char at the bottom of the reactor.

We also adopted the computer fan-casing by a cheaper, more popular fan in
Vietnam (often used for coal and fixed wood stove). Fan costed 2USD (while
to replicate Belonio's fan-casing, we bought the adapter for 5USD and a
computer fan for 1.5USD)

However, this is just our first step and we still have so many problems to
fully control the fire and ease the operation.
1) For instance, uncontrolled moment happened when combustion occurs rigt
on top of the fuel hopper, a lot of smoke was produced and later the fire
burnt the fan.

2) Another problem is that a lot of tar is produced. It deposits on pot
bottom, burner and other part of the stove. That would also harm the user.
An idea is to create a layer of char in the burner pipe (to filter the
tar). Not tried yet.

3) We observes 5-10% of the gas leaked out through the char removal door.
We burnt them, but user may not know (or they simply just don't care) that
it is toxic.

4)  One more, it is very hard to control the final minutes of the
gasificatoin process. It always cause inverted combustion to the fuel

By this email, I would like to ask if someone (a part from Belonio) has
done a similar work with continous gasifier like this to share more
experience. We can thus reduce our time and effort in localizing this

Best regards,

Do Duc Tuong,

Renewable Energy Advisor
SNV Vietnam
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