[Gasification] Retrofitting and modernising old wood stoves with downdraft.

Jason Stewart urepedese at gmail.com
Sun May 12 15:35:01 CDT 2013

I would be interested in feedback from some of the experts on this forum, I
have drawn inspiration from some of you.



I am Firemaster and the only retrofit technology in the contest.

To be honest I could use help for the contest and with commercialising the
technology. It is a long way from New Zealand to Washington DC when you
have to take a wood stove :-) I was at university studying Architecture
before I conceived this so I am just a babe in bioenergy terms.

Here are a few more links:

An early prototype.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_or6IOozs1A



I started simply trying to get secondary air into a wood stove that didn't
have it, but achieved a lot more in the process. An independent laboratory
test on just the low setting lifted the performance of an old wood stove
from 52% efficient to 75% while simultaneously lowering emissions from
4.5g/hr to 3.6. Output increased from 4.6Kw to 6.5. I have made it better
since then, particularly on the emissions side, but don't believe it is
perfected yet.

There are two models, the Mk I draws secondary air from inside the fire
while the Mk II requires penetration of the wood stove for secondary air.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Kind Regards

Jason Stewart.

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