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Wishart Producer Gas Unit


High Speeds Attained

Printed in the The Mail, Adelaide, Australia, Saturday 29 June 1940

"A recent issue of the Sydney 'Daily Telegraph' reports particulars of a
fast trip between Melbourne and Sydney, when a Pontiac car carrying two
passengers and fitted with a "Wishart" Producer Gas Unit, covered the 569
miles in record time, and reached a maximum speed of 72 miles per hour, with
a total fuel cost of 6/9 for each passenger for the complete trip. 

The commercial value of Producer Gas is clearly indicated by the experience
of W. L. Sides & Son Ltd., well known Artesian Well Boring Contractors.

This concern has a 30 cwt. truck, usually loaded with two tons and drawing a
5-ton trailer load on a daily average of 100 miles. Mr. Sides states that
the unit is easily understood and operated by the average truck driver, and
only requires five minutes each morning to clean out and recharge with fuel
and water. The unit has already covered over 25,000 miles, with an enormous
saving in running costs.

Mr. Andrew Wishart has recently been in Adelaide for a number of weeks,
supervising a numberof installations for the South Australian and West
Australian (also Broken Hill) Manufacturing Distributors for 'Wishart'
Producer Gas Units (Horwood Bagshaw Ltd.). and after leaving for Melbourne
last Friday at 3 p.m., he completed the trip to Melbourne at a fuel cost of

The 'Wishart' Unit requires no fire clay furnace lining, is built up in a
one piece unit, galvanised throughout both inside and outside to completely
eliminate corrosion from gas or water, and is maintaining a leadership
established throughout the eastern States over the past five years.

Recent Adelaide deliveries include units to Harris Scarfe Limited, Clarkson
Limited, and several units for the Engineering and Water Supply Department
of the South Australian Government. Clients are satisfied that it pays to
purchase a unit with a well-proven and established reputation for
simplicity. economy, accessibility, and long life, and Horwood Bagshaw
Limited, of 78 Currie Street Adelaide, will be glad to furnish full details
of 'Wishart' Producer Units, or to arrange a test with their Demonstrator
Truck, for any interested reader."

Wishart Gas Producer advert

Advert from the Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, NSW Australia on Saturday 13
June 1942


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