[Gasification] Wishart gasifier

Mark Elliott Ludlow mark at ludlow.com
Wed Jul 16 03:32:05 CDT 2014

Hi Rex,

Would that accumulator between generator and I.C. engine be held at close to
atmospheric pressure? Is it just an inline device or is it more "active"?

Pellets seem like the way to simplify the progression to biogas-fueled
automobiles; but most of the forward thrust is provided by hobbyists, not
industrialists, and hobbyists derive great pleasure from being vertically

Best, Mark

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I agree with Tom regarding the use of pellets. I have had the good fortune
to be able to gasify small, slightly longer than matchbox size, kiln dried
hard wood and the difference in performance vs wood chunks was

One thing that always amazes me that we should be doing with car/truck based
systems is that there should be a small gas storage container between the
gasifier and the engine. This would provide fuel in that period when you
accelerate and before the gasifier catches up. 


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