[Gasification] Wishart gasifier

Rex Zietsman rex at whitfieldfarm.co.za
Fri Jul 18 00:51:46 CDT 2014


The intent with the accumulator is to have a "reservoir" of gas available.
So atmospheric (actually under vacuum due to the suction from the engine)
would probably be the best. I am not suggesting compressing it. My
suggestion also is that you put the throttle valve between the accumulator
and the engine. When one opens the throttle the suction is fierce.


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Hi Rex,

Would that accumulator between generator and I.C. engine be held at close to
atmospheric pressure? Is it just an inline device or is it more "active"?

Pellets seem like the way to simplify the progression to biogas-fueled
automobiles; but most of the forward thrust is provided by hobbyists, not
industrialists, and hobbyists derive great pleasure from being vertically

Best, Mark

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