[Gasification] Wishart Producer Gas Unit

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Fri Jul 18 08:45:06 CDT 2014

Hello, Rex Zietman!

It is a long time since delivering any comment, but as an "expert" among
real experts with due respect, I have not seen any "gas reservoires"  
applied or used in over 70 years on cars or trucks.

Nor have I found any reason for using such a device myself or by  
colleagues constructing and building systems for cars and trucks.
At least as a "local group" none have seen any need for adding more  
volume into the cleaning, cooling, reheating and filtering system in  
mobile use.
It seems to be a "fix idea" adopted from the towngas bag systems.

A well dimensioned WOODgasifier with ample preheating and good  
insulation has no problems in fast increased gas delivery at  
accelerations, even after a while of idle.

One of the "nubie" sins of building is to make "naked", totaly exposed  
reduction parts of a hearth. That lets the reduction char cool beyond  
usefulness when a fast demand is applied...


Max Gasman

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