[Gasification] "the DriZzleR Gasifier": A new filter and a new pyrotouch

Tom Miles tmiles at trmiles.com
Mon Jul 21 09:56:29 CDT 2014


A new filter and a new pyrotouch 

Hi All,

New Filter design, First part of the video.

I just posted a video of a test of my new filter setup. The previous filter
a combination of cokes coal/woo/stainless steel shavings works well but
created Too much presure drop. Also It was a real mess this coals SS
shavings ... ugly smell and difficult to clean or to dispose.
This filterset up is far more lighter in application and has very little
pressure drop. Off coarse I have tested it only for 2.5 hours so I can not
tell how fast it will pack up with dirt.

New pyrotouch/kompaktor/agitator. Second part of the video.

A DriZzLeR being a gasifier working in drip feed need to be feed the least
possible amount of fuel. Also the flaming pyrolysis zone should be kept very
shallow and always at the same level. This is easy if you have a constant
load; then just DriZzle in on time interval. But coupled on a generator in
island mode with various laod demands and thus various fuel consumption, on
should have some kind of a level sensing device to feed more under heavy
load and less in idle load. The Pyrotouch/kompaktor works fine with dense
fuel such as pellets. With Woodchips the constant hitting the fuel, even if
only very little force, is compacting the reduction  too much and after some
hours the reduction is packed densely and the gasifier stops breathing.

Also when DriZzling in pellets the distribute fine all over the flaming
pyrolysis. Woodchips are falling down in one chute and pile up on one side
of the fuel tube. The other side gets no wood and burns empty with as result
a big hollow burn. So the Pyrotouch should have one more function extra, an
agitator and leveling function to make an even and level flaming zone. In
the second part of the video I show an attempt to achieve this goal.
Unfortunately the micro switch being too close to the hot zone melted.
Adaptations are needed But the principle seems to work.

Have a look in this video, subscribe, advise and comment


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