[Gasification] Two Engines One Gasifier

Doug Williams doug.williams.nz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 15:16:45 MDT 2015

Hi Rex,

The Multi engine project was done without my input except after the
fact! They could start one but it ended there, plus the concept was
flawed due to how the engines were connected to the central shaft. What
they did not resolve was how to couple the generator and keep the two
separate assembles in line.

The other main factor that worked against the engines all mounted on
the same skid, was that the engine harmonics would have begun to
destroy the fabrication of the structure. I had long talks with Marine
engineers about this after the multi engine inventor left the project.

Two separated engines driving a common shaft clutched to allow
separated starts and stops, would simplify the switch from peak power
to the less than half output that would require only one engine. You
also need separate air/gas mixers, as the gas piping will always affect
the gas flow in a way that is difficult to instrumentally measure. I
usually tune the engine by ear first, then have a fixed mark on the
valves for a basic system, and the engine will start with only a few
cranks every time. Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any
problems. Doug Williams, 

> Doug,
> I have seen photos on your website of multi-engine operation driving a
> central shaft to a single generator. So I know you have done it. We have a
> small design that goes nominally up to 40kW as this is the largest petrol
> engine we can reasonably find - 7 litre V8. I guess putting two of them in
> parallel would be manageable as well. I would be squeamish about the start
> up though.

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