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 	We operated a Chevy 454 4-bolt main engine with a racing pan and oil pump, sodium filled valves, supercharged and other racing features,  that was connected to a 75Kwe generator made by an irrigation supply 
company in West Texas. it ran well on  our  tire derived gas and biomass gas, was shipped to Italy in 2002 with the cellulosic chemical char gasifier we provided to the project
Everyone who saw the engine/generator set would say, "Can I have that engine for my car or boat"? 
	The gas quality sensor works well and has a 10-20 second response time, and will provide a much more accurate heating value of the gas than a GC or series of 
specific gas analyzers. Glad to see that someone  has appreciated it's value.
	 Now, we are assembling gas cleaning systems for those who may have bought gasifiers with crude gas cleaning/cooling systems that have ugly problems with having to be shut down and cleaned out, filtering media replaced, water dumped in landfills or other such problems
designs. These units will be used for interfacing to the engines. 
	Now,the question is how to make some money off the device? 
Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc. 

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I have seen photos on your website of multi-engine operation driving a central shaft to a single generator. So I know you have done it. We have a small design that goes nominally up to 40kW as this is the largest petrol engine we can reasonably find – 7 litre V8. I guess putting two of them in parallel would be manageable as well. I would be squeamish about the start up though.
You mention an instrument to measure the heating value… Can you elaborate as I can see it being a fantastic tool. Is it an inline sensor such as a lambda sensor?
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It is not a problem to fuel two engines off of one gasifier. It would be similar to that of fueling two engines on one natural gas feed line. Several steps make it easier, to measure the gas heating value continuously which can be done relatively inexpensively less than $300-500, and to maintain a fixed gas pressure in the gas line from which the gas is supplied to the engines. 

Leland T. "Tom" Taylor

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Hi Jeff, 


The easiest way is to set up a controllable blower on the air intake of 

the gasifier. You then have a control ball valve to both engines 

(hopefully the same type and size). The fan cannot blow more than is 

let out through the valves, but should blow enough to start each engine 

on no load. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the first start up 

sorted, but then turn off the fan, open the valves fully, and apply the 

load to the max.  


The gasifier should be able to run only one engine if the load drops 

below the max output of just one engine, so turn one engine off. If you 

find the oxidation temperature and colour dropping down to below a 

healthy incandescence on the one engine, you will need to increase the 

air velocity by using a slightly smaller air nozzle bore size. 


Hope this may be of some assistance. 

Doug Williams, 




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Jeff Davis <jeffdavis0124 at gmail.com> wrote: 


> Dear List, 


> Is it practical to fuel two engines with one gas producer? I think a check 

> valve in each fuel line would be needed but would it be a problem to get 

> the second engine running? My system would consist of a charcoal gas 

> producer with two 6.5hp engines. 


> Thanks, 

> Jeff 


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> "Once an owner has got used to charcoal gas he will never revert to the 

> more expensive fuels", Geo Bray 




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