[Gasification] field of wood

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Probably the lowest cost and highest value. 




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Maybe a fire wood wrapper. Make those small bundle that are sold in stores.


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A sawmill that makes pallets that I service has a field of slats that are waste to the pallet making operation.  They have a market for bedding and grind a lot of slabs, but these are the near misses or defective slats and runners.  They put them on pallets and most are air dried in the field. A lot has accumulated. 


So I'm wondering, if I were to make chunks, about 3" long, would there be a market? What further processing would make hardwood chunks (no bark) into a high value product?  Like toasting them?  Any ideas or customers in the midwestUS?  How about breweries? 


Toby Seiler

Seiler Technical Co.   

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