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MOB wrote:
>>   Are you thinking about ways to reduce the mold?
> Indeed, I would love something easy to reduce the black stuff that  
> appears


My guess is, and it is just a guess, that if you were to install a
smooth-surfaced material (ie something that drains and dries quickly ie
glass sheet or tile, polished stone, porcelain tile) over the stucco ...
or ground/polished the stucco to a high-gloss finish (ie like tadelak),
the potential for mould growth would be reduced muchly.

Squeegeeing the polished surface after each use would probably help too.

And if that doesn't work, move the shower outside and into the sunlight.
(You like sleeping with the windows open in winter. Right ? So showering
outside in the middle of winter shouldn't be a problem. Nyuk,nyuk,nyuk.)

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