[Greenbuilding] reduced energy use in USA

Reuben Deumling 9watts at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 17:30:56 PDT 2010

I find this extremely unlikely.
But it is also worth noting that carbon emissions (an absolute parameter) is
quite different than carbon intensity (a relative parameter if there ever
was one).
The per capita energy consumption (a third slice through this issue) is also
not lower now than it's been since 1970. None of these numbers sound right
to me and should be easily shown to be bunk.

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 3:44 PM, Vadurro, Rob, EMNRD <
rob.vadurro at state.nm.us> wrote:

>  I just read this from Rob Watson’s *GreenerBuildings News*, reporting
> from the Clinton Global Initiative confab:
> There are some weakly positive signs on the carbon emissions front that
> show U.S. carbon emissions in 2009 down to 1997 levels. Clearly, the
> economic downturn contributed to this, but U.S. energy consumption per
> capita is lower than it's been since 1970, and the energy and carbon
> intensity of the U.S. economy is the lowest it has been since modern records
> have been kept.
> If this is true, it would seem more than “weakly positive” (at least to
> me). Can anyone verify these statements?
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