[Greenbuilding] best lumber for raised vegetable beds

Bob Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Thu Apr 14 08:09:21 PDT 2011

I have some ten year old raised beds that I use just plain old fashioned 
dimensional lumber scavenged from various sources.  I just had occasion to 
move a couple of them, and maybe the bottom half inch had disappeared, but 
the rest of it was fine. These were unpainted.

Bob Waldrop, Okie City

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From: Tim Vireo Keating
There's no question in my mind that RPL is the best way to go, here.
No leachate and will last forever. Let me know directly if you would
like some suppliers.

tim keating

>What type of wood, treated or otherwise, would y'all expect to last longest 
>in ground contact when used to make raised vegetable garden beds? Or would 
>y'all say recycled plastic lumber is better for that application?
>Thanks very much.

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