[Greenbuilding] No Fracking Way?

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Frank: With today's oil prices, it makes sense to use only electrical powered systems. We did this in 1996 expecting solar PV costs would drop. Who knew our politicians would keep the price up by allowing PV production capacity to be allocated to foreign countries? Even so, the green systems we installed saved both energy and money. For example, before converting to electric hot water heat, it cost about $$700 of $1-oil for heat & hot water + huge electric bills for cooking, lighting & HVAC. Today it costs $241/month to power our all-electric home on Long Island, NY.

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Subject: [Greenbuilding] No Fracking Way?

I'd be interested in hearing folks' opinions and strategies surrounding the following goal:

Implementing an urban home retrofit using only electrical powered systems, with the potential of becoming an off-grid site in the future through reduced energy consumption and on-site generation (with purchase of alternative sources in the short-term), in order to relieve our dependance on natural gas as a fuel source due to its potential for high environmental damage.  (This would not be a super-insulated passivhaus sort of design and would rely on natural materials as much as possible for air sealing, insulation, and built additions/restorations)

Short and long term considerations for energy management and use on site?
Favored heating, cooking, and water heating in such a scenario?
Other thoughts?  (i.e. convince me not to do this?)

Thank you ~Frank
Frank Raymond Cetera

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