[Greenbuilding] 2000 miles on a scooter to get to the green building conference

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> Even scooters aren't what they used to be. I thought 50cc was the scooter
> class. What is your anticipated fuel consumption for the trip?
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>> ... 2000 miles... on a 250cc scooter!

Back when I was a 15 yr-old keed, I had a 250cc Yamaha (yes, I drove it  
without a license) and it was definitely in the motorCYCLE class.

It'd let out a loud wah-o-o-oOOOWWWRRR! as it screamed up to speeds
that were fast enough to make even invulnerable-minded teenaged boys hang  
on for dear life.

My older brothers had a Harley-Davidson "Topper" and a Piatti scooters  
before they moved "up" to motorcycles (BSA "Lightning" and a Kawasaki  
something-or-other) and even though they were well over 50cc (Topper @ 165  
cc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harley-Davidson_Topper and the Piatti @  
125cc  http://www.piattiscooter.com/history.htm ) they were more like a  
modern-day electric-assist bicycle than they were the 250cc Yamaha.

... point being that going by engine size might not tell one much.

My guess is that a 165 cc 1960's era scooter compared to a 165cc 2011  
motorbike, would be like the difference between a 1960's era 250 cu inch  
6-cylinder Chevy and a 2011-era 4 litre V-8 BMW ... so a 2011 250 cc  
probably wouldn't be a "scooter" ?

But I can definitely say that 2000 miles should be do-able in about 11-12  
days on a bicycle.

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