[Greenbuilding] Ductless Heat Pump Performance

Alan Abrams alan at abramsdesignbuild.com
Tue Dec 6 13:29:15 PST 2011

> Although passive solar is wonderful when you can get it easily, the
> experience of the solar boom of the 70's showed that
> Hence, in our practise at BSC we find passive solar is actually rarely a
> big win, whereas airtightness, insulation, and good windows almost always
> are.  I think the use of efficient, affordable air-source heat pumps has
> more impact and applicability to the market than many active technologies,
> and much more than "solar sheds" or solar walls etc.
> All that said if I was building a new home on a largish rural property,
> getting solar gains through good planning would be high on my list of
> priorities.  Alas, that is a rather small chunk of the residential energy
> consuming market.
hear hear...passive solar ain' t that easy, even on the three acre parcel
that is the site of current project.  maybe a half acre is not restricted
by septic area, conservation area (a dense stand of tall tulip poplars),
and conventional setbacks.   the site slopes down to the north.  by the
time any kind of reliable drainage is achieved, and a logical driveway
routed, the house is shoved back against the tree line to the south.

at least it should take some edge off the cooling load...

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