[Greenbuilding] Hot Water Heater?

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Gennaro: If gas is available install one or two Rinnai tankless heaters; if electric use at least one commercial Accutemp tankless heater designed to handle large space-heating loads. If you want to use one heater, see configuration in Fig. 2 in Rocky Mountain Institute’s Home Energy Brief #5 "Water Heating" (2004).
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> Subject: [Greenbuilding] Hot Water Heater?
> I've got a job where I need to install a system that will provide hot
> water to radiators and baseboards and hot water for the house (shower
> etc). It can be a combined unit or two separate ones. Solar thermal is
> not an option so I'm looking for an efficient unit. The system is
> currently one hot water tank for domestic use and a steam boiler to
> steam radiators. I'm taking them out and converting the radiators to
> hot water.
> I have to do two separate setups, one for a one bedroom one bath
> 600sq.ft apartment, and another for a two bedroom 1.5 bath 800 sq.ft.
> apartment.
> Any suggestions?
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