[Greenbuilding] Hot Water Heater?

Gennaro Brooks-Church - Eco Brooklyn info at ecobrooklyn.com
Tue Dec 6 13:21:21 PST 2011

I've got a job where I need to install a system that will provide hot
water to radiators and baseboards and hot water for the house (shower
etc). It can be a combined unit or two separate ones. Solar thermal is
not an option so I'm looking for an efficient unit. The system is
currently one hot water tank for domestic use and a steam boiler to
steam radiators. I'm taking them out and converting the radiators to
hot water.
I have to do two separate setups, one for a one bedroom one bath
600sq.ft apartment, and another for a two bedroom 1.5 bath 800 sq.ft.

Any suggestions?

Gennaro Brooks-Church
Director, Eco Brooklyn Inc.
Cell: 1 347 244 3016 USA
22 2nd St; Brooklyn, NY 11231

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