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Kathy Cochran kathys_old_house at goldrush.com
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Don't you just "love" homeowners' association rules!  My road association
informed me, 5 years after I had cut up a house and moved it here with all
the blessings (and the fees of course) of (and for) the County, that since I
hadn't "asked prior permission" that my house would have to be moved out of
the development.  Why didn't they tell me that when they saw the pieces of
the house being hauled in -  in 2005?  


Well I got myself onto a committee of the HOA and helped to re-write the
bylaws, which said that if the county granted approval with permits,
inspections, etc., that they would automatically accept it.  I now am
allowed to live here!  Fancy that!  Rules rules rules....bah humbug!  Isn't
life grand?


Kathy Cochran of..


San Andreas, California




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You may have a big fight on your hands. If the exterior balcony is common
property as it is with many condos then the law would probably not apply.
Alternatively if the original 'rule' was not properly voted on by membership
then it doesn't apply.  My experience of the condo act (within Canada) is
that it allows for insane authoritative rule or at a minimum severe


I wonder how many condo owners are happy people?


I have found it easier in general to get major zoning approvals than to get
minor approvals through a condo board. 


Good luck


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that link hits the jackpot...MD passed a "Right To Dry" law in 2010.  my rep
as a troublemaker is secure now.



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 One rule forbids drying laundry on balconies. 

In short, does anyone out there have knowledge of this issue has been


or of success stories, 

hm. Not at the tip ofmy fingers. have you tried here: laundrylist.org/


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