[Greenbuilding] black locust and osage orange

Tim Vireo Keating t.keating at rainforestrelief.org
Wed Dec 7 18:10:32 PST 2011


I would recommend recycled plastic lumber (not wood-plastic composite 
lumber!) for raised garden beds. This material won't warp or rot and 
can be installed like wood. Black locust would be tough to find in 
12" widths and also would tend to move in this situation, with the 
lack of fastening.

Contact me if you're interested, as I've been working with various 
suppliers of true plastic lumber for years.

tim keating

At 12:12 AM +0000 11/17/11, candtcampbell at juno.com wrote:
>Is either of these species appropriate for raised vegetable garden 
>beds? Are 2 x 12's of either species available in Georgia?
>When we lived in Virginia, Black Locust was the post of choice.  Out here
>in Kansas, Hedge is (Osage Orange).  Both last forever in the ground,
>though the latter lasts even longer than that.  This article about using
>Black Locust which can be sustainably harvested, rather than Ipe, which
>isn't, is compelling.
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