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From: Sacie Lambertson <sacie.lambertson at gmail.com>

> This from my sister who holds office in Vermont;
> can someone on this list offer information here?

Hi Sacie;

  Have her take a look at Nova Scotia's code.
The way they deal with windows makes more
sense than any other building code I have seen.
It is backwards from the standard.   They look 
at windows as being energy leaks, and set a
maximum area, instead of the standard minimum.
They also do not insist on windows being "vents"
and "lighting"  (which makes a lot of sense, since
they are not usually open, nor is it consistently
light outdoors). So, maximums are per story, not
per room. Of course egress is still important, but
mandatory HRVs take care of energy efficient
ventilation, year round. They also have a factor
for South facing windows, directly into the 
heated space (direct gain Solar). The only part
that I disagree with is that they had no provision
for isolated Solar gain, such as via sunspaces.
They rate them the same, whether facing North
or South. But, it is a new code, so it is likely
to improve. I think it is a wonderfully aware
start, that is way better than any other code
I have designed to. 

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