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Thanks Laren, that information is very helpful.   S

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> From: Sacie Lambertson <sacie.lambertson at gmail.com>
>  This from my sister who holds office in Vermont;
>> can someone on this list offer information here?
> Hi Sacie;
> * Have her take a look at Nova Scotia's code.
> The way they deal with windows makes more sense than any other building
> code I have seen. It is backwards from the standard.   They look at windows
> as being energy leaks, and set a maximum area, instead of the standard
> minimum.
> They also do not insist on windows being "vents" and "lighting"  (which
> makes a lot of sense, since they are not usually open, nor is it
> consistently light outdoors). So, maximums are per story, not per room. Of
> course egress is still important, but
> mandatory HRVs take care of energy efficient ventilation, year round. They
> also have a factor for South facing windows, directly into the heated space
> (direct gain Solar). The only part that I disagree with is that they had no
> provision for isolated Solar gain, such as via sunspaces. They rate them
> the same, whether facing North or South. But, it is a new code, so it is
> likely to improve. I think it is a wonderfully aware start, that is way
> better than any other code I have designed to.
> -Laren Corie-*
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