[Greenbuilding] Ceiling Air Barrier

Peter/Pam Martin p2j2 at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 10 14:52:27 PST 2011

I'm on southern Vancouver Island, climate zone 4C I think, and would 
like to add an air barrier to an existing ceiling. The present 
configuration is exposed ceiling joists with t&g above, then 1x6 
boards, then R20 fibreglass batts with vented attic above. The reason 
for the air barrier is to control the movement of interior 
moisture-laden air into the insulation during heating periods and to 
prevent glass fibres from entering the interior.  I was thinking of a 
vapour permeable or semi-permeable air barrier between the 1x6 and 
the fibreglass, perhaps 1" EPS or house wrap or building paper or ? 
What think ye? Thanks. Peter

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