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> Hi- Anyone know where I can source a toilet / sink combination (sink on  
> top of the tank) in Western Canada?

> Anyone have hands-on experience with these who can attest to their  
> functionality?

"Nope" and "Nope".

However, it did strike me that it wouldn't be all that difficult to take a  
salvaged vanity (an item that is typically in plentiful supply in any  
urban area) and mount it to a toilet tank lid (probably also  
readily-available as a salvage item if one wanted to experiment first) and  
modify the supply line to the tank so that it would provide water to a tap  
on the newly-modified basin/tank lid.

The only thing that I don't have clear in my mind (with the minimal  
thought invested so far) is how to connect the drain on the basin to work  
in conjunction with the tank-filler (although I do have a vague picture).

That being said, I do have some doubts about functionality of such an  

Presumably the intent of hand-washing to at the toilet is to prevent the  
transfer of widgety-bugs and such like from one's hands to other parts of  
the body, clothing, door knobs etc after handling and/or wiping oneself at  
the toilet.

Ideally then (in order to be effective at achieving the intent of  
hand-washing), the hand-washing should be performed before one has  
re-arranged one's clothing after toilet ... and if one's toilet activities  
required one to be in a seated position, then the hand-washing should be  
done while still seated.

For most of us, having a hand-washing basin behind one's head would be  
tricky, if not impossible to utliise.

Perhaps an alternative to consider may be a bidet-spray add-on (can be  
purchased ready-made for as little as $40 or less ... better DIY ones can  
be made for even less). If one cleans the source of potential hand  
contamination, then hand contamination is no longer an issue.

However, if effective hand-washing after toilet is essential, then I would  
look at providing a wash basin in front of the toilet that can be used  
while still seated.

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Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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