[Greenbuilding] Wood-fired auxilliary heating experience: Ashes

Paul Hadfield paul.hadfield at firelight.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 14:40:00 PST 2011

>On 15/12/2011 19:01 Reuben wrote :

>I empty the ashes once a week when it is really cold, maybe once every two 
>weeks during most of the winter, and there are never any coals in there.

Ourselves, we spread our (cold) ashes (which has a few coals in it, not 
many) in thin layers, between thick layers of bulky green waste, on the 
compost heap, for an available-potash boost to the garden when the compost 
is spread, and in the hope that some of the potash will become incorporated 
in the stabilised organic matter of the mature compost for a more 
slowly-available potash supply. Good results so far, with the relatively 
small quantities of ash we produce from an intermittent fire, but then our 
clay soil in the UK midlands probably has plentiful potash supply within it 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Paul Hadfield. 

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