[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content - a question for Norbert perhaps

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On 12/18/2011 9:53 AM, bill.allen at verizon.net wrote:
> There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of "fine split wood".  For this novice, how big is "fine split"?
> I'm assuming each log is cut to 16 inches and then split....but how small are you talking?

The old rule of thumb was the log should fit through a 4 inch circle. 
Sadly, (around here at least) you won't get purchased wood that small. 
The size *really* depends on more variables than that.  New fires get 
smaller wood, wet wood gets split smaller, shoulder seasons get smaller 
wood, late night fills to hot fires get big pieces.

I keep a small splitting maul in the basement to further split wood.  It 
is a maybe two pounds, and 16" long.  It won't split logs, or tricky 
stuff, but it makes great kindling and small pieces out of bigger ones.

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