[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content

nick pine nick at early.com
Mon Dec 19 05:41:04 PST 2011

Norbert Senf <mheat at mha-net.org> writes:

>Nothing beats dry wood (20%), it just makes the job so much easier...

I often wonder if a woodstove with a condensing chimney be more efficient 
burning wet wood.

Here's a condensing pellet stove: 

I wonder what they cost.

>Probably the best resource on the web on how to burn a stove is John 
>Gulland's website: http://woodheat.org/

Now I understand why my upstairs Englander woodstove works so well. It only 
has an 8' chimney, from 2' above the 2nd floor up to 2' above a flat roof, 
but the house below provides some draft :-)

Frank Tettemer <frank at livingsol.com>

The other advantages of very dry wood are that the house receives more
BTU's per cord of wood. This results in less wood to bring in, and fewer
ashes to take out.  Also, there will be less wood burnt each year, thus
saving more money. 

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