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J M Alden speireag at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 10:22:18 PST 2011

Hello, greenbuilders.

	So, it is getting past time to replace the apparatus which fills the tub, because the current apparatus is dripping a good deal and only usable to that extent with a vise grip.

	I took my design goals to my local building supply, and they tried to help, but, alas, they are mired in orthodoxy.

	Here's are my design goals and limitations:

	o  It must be operable by soapy, arthritic hands.  So:  levers, and not standard, stiff ball-valve levers, but rather, turn-at-the-pressure-of-a-finger levers, such as one can easily get on sink fixtures.

	o  The tub is large enough to seat two affectionate adults.  It must get the water deeper than an inch or two in less than ten minutes or so.

	o  The user must be able to cause the water to enter the tub where it is convenient for that user at that time, and then not have to hold it there, as you can with a pot-filler.  This must also be achievable with soapy, arthritic hands.

	o  I must be able to hook up to the thing with threaded brass.  I know threaded connections well, but I never learned to sweat copper.  I want to be able to maintain and modify it with the skill-set and materials I have on hand

	o  There will be three lines going into the tub:  one line from the well (cold), one line from the water heater (generally hot or at least warm) and one line from whatever solar pre-heat I have hooked up at the time (could be anywhere from very cold to very hot).  Each line will have a temperature gauge on it, so that the user can see what is coming from where, and adjust accordingly.  An individual lever on each would be fine, as long as the levers meet the previous criteria.

	Here, apparently, are the problems:

	Shower fixtures only do 2.5 gallons per minute.  So if I tried to go with shower controls, I guess I'd have to go with two sets, which seems unnecessarily clumsy.

	Bathtub fixtures apparently never come with any kind of adjustable arm.


	Can anyone recommend easily-adjusted levers for such an arrangement?  Or suggest an arrangement which will meet my needs?

	Thank you!


A closed mouth gathers no feet.
--Michael Fromberger

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