[Greenbuilding] Fwd: A New Solution in Residential Solar Heating- SOLYTE: attractive, efficient solar heat ...with the look of a skylight

Gennaro Brooks-Church - Eco Brooklyn info at ecobrooklyn.com
Sun Dec 18 19:27:24 PST 2011

Any thoughts on this product? See below.

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From: Derek Hay <customerservice at evantico.com>

Dear Green Architect or Builder,

 We would like to introduce you and your firm to our unique new solar
air heater. The SOLYTE product line is engineered to provide
homeowners, architects, and builders with the performance of a highly
efficient solar air heat collector without looking like one. We have
partnered with a leading custom skylight maker to design the first
solar heating device that has a unique double-frame construction
giving it the appearance of a conventional curb mounted skylight. This
design allows the SOLYTE to be installed in many locations where other
solar collectors would not be acceptable. Neighbors will think the
homeowner has installed new skylights! Immediate information on the
SOLYTE product specifications, operation, site selection,
installation, and value can be obtained at http://www.evantico.com.
The collector is designed and manufactured to provide years of
renewable low cost heating for the home.

 Please contact us to discuss this exciting new product.

 Best regards,

 Derek Hay

President, Evantico Inc. / 610-616-3535 / http://www.evantico.com

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