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On 12/19/2011 5:16 PM, J M Alden wrote:

I suspect given the three sources requirement that you are going to be 
cobbling together something from parts.  I seem to remember from my 
foray into plumbing tubs, that I saw a simple on-off valve for a shower 
(i.e. not a diverter), which matched my other requirements, so it would 
have been a low-force ceramic valve.  Three of those with a combiner and 
a pot filler would (I hope) meet all your requirements.

Alternatively, is there any reason you *must* have the solar and the hot 
operable *at the tub*?  If not, I might put a mixing valve with a set 
temperature with the solar as the 'cold', near the tank.  That way it 
would pass straight solar unless it was too cold, or mix the minimum 
amount of hot to meet expectations.  Real 'cold' could then be added at 
the tub for personal preference.  That way you are in the region of 
standard plumbing.

Hope things are going well with you and yours, and have a Happy Solstice.

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