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J M Alden speireag at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:16:46 PST 2011

> It's not the valves that limit the shower output, it's the shower head. 
> It sounds to me like just about any modern tub fixture would meet your needs.  I guess maybe I don't quite understand the problems. 
> -Kat


	Thanks for the reply.  Let me re-state.

	I need a fixture or set of fixtures which can modulate three incoming water sources:  fossil fuel hot, renewable hot, and cold.  I need the bather to be able to move where the water is falling into the tub, so that it falls where the bather wants it (this has to do with hot water soaking in more than one position, for people with physical limitations), whether that be on the bather or not on the bather.  I need to be able to connect the water lines to the fixture(s) using threaded brass connectors.

	If that describes just about any modern tub fixture where you are, please tell me where that is, so that I can start calling THOSE plumbing supplies.  ;)

	But seriously, if you have a particular fixture in mind, I'd love to see a link or a manufacturer and description and catalogue number, or anything else which might help me track it down.

	I think I can do a pot-filler to get into the tub.  I can put brass together in back of the pot-filler.  Where I'm really getting stuck is on the easy-to-move-for-a-soapy-arthritic-person lever handles.


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