[Greenbuilding] Wood Heating Experience & Exterior Wood Boiler charging Thermal Tank for Radiant Heat

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> ...However, with a tight house, a hot
>>> intermittent fire heats the house and the house holds the heat.*
>>> Would this assertion be true regardless of the size of the house?  Or the
>>> size of the stove?
> Clearly then, simply heating the interior air volume isn't a very
> effective means of keeping the house warm.

I think I'm missing something. It seems from your description that you are
doing exactly what Sacie was asking about and what I am also inclined to
do: make a fire only very intermittently (even with a large house and a
very large delta T).

Impressive that you have a 24hr heating cycle with that large of a house
and that large of a delta T. Can you elaborate a bit?
R-value of wall assembly?
Other air sealing details?
Temperature fluctuations inside?
how long do you keep the fire going when you do heat? 1hr? 3hrs? 6hrs?

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