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J M Alden speireag at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 16:52:16 PST 2011

Sgrìobh Rob Tom:

> As you may be aware, the equation for "Work" = Force x distance 
> That is to say, the effort to operate a standard "stiff" ballcock valve could be reduced by simply increasing the length of the lever. 
> It wouldn't take much skill/effort/expense to make a suitable length lever out of a piece of brass bar stock or to modify a salvaged piece of brass (or stainless or gold or dinosaur bone) to replace the short, plain-jane/jake stock lever that comes with the ballcock valve. 
> Three water lines, three ballcocks/custom levers -- total cost under $50. 

	My understanding is that a standard ball valve is not made to be operated many times a day.  Also, they squeal when they're adjusted to let less than full flow go through.

	I thought about cobbling something together from boiler drains, but I'd have to attach a lever to those for the ergonomic criteria, and then undoubtedly people would over-tighten one way or another and I'd be replacing them.

	I'm going to go hunting through another plumbing supply.  It's got to be out there somewhere.


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