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Erin & Gennaro: Thought you and others would be interested in my comment below to "Hydroponic farm breaks ground in Yaphank"; Newsday December 29, 2011, By PATRICK WHITTLE.      Radioactive water is a great way to kill pests without pesticides -- unless it contains Cs-137, Pb-210, Sr-90 and other radionuclides that are biomagnified up the food chain. They had to resort to radioponics because Yaphank's topsoil and compost from LI-Compost & Great Gardens is radioactive too.Happy New YearCarmine

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 Dear Jennifer: You should be interested in the following comment because it relates to your story:PATRICK WHITTLE reports: "It's renewable; it's no pesticides; it's green," Fernandez said. "Last time, we had the taint of Lawrence Aviation." -- but Mr. Fernandez fails to mention "taint" of Yaphank's radioactive groundwater his Blue Green Farms will probably use. It seems he never read "Testing of radioactive groundwater plume in Yahank to conclude next week" @ http://northshoresun.timesrevi....  Will the SC Health Department allow Blue Green Farms to use radioactive groundwater as they have allowed Suffolk County farmers to do for decades, as shown in  this DOE report: "RADIOLOGICAL EMISSIONS AND ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING FOR BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY, 1947 -1961" and others covering 1962 to the present???? 
    The attachments contains Part I of DOE report covering 1941-1961 and three of 12 covering 1962 to 1982. Let me know if you want the others received months after submitting my FOIA request.
Yours truly,Dr. Carmine F. VasilePh.D. Electrophysics631-758-6271 		 	   		  
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