[Greenbuilding] Legionaires disease and water temperature

Nick Pyner npyner at tig.com.au
Fri Dec 30 19:54:31 PST 2011

Sure beats me. Did they explain why?

I guess, if they don't heat stored water from the bottom of their electric
heaters in Quebec, that explains quite a lot

Nick Pyner

Dee Why   NSW

  ]On Behalf Of Michael O'Brien

  Hi, all--

  Nick, please note that in the Quebec City study, none of the gas water
heaters had Legionella while 33% of the electric heaters did.

  On Dec 30, 2011, at 6:31 PM, Nick Pyner wrote:

    . That on gas heaters being kosher at 49C because they heat the water
from the bottom just seems absurd.

     Nick Pyner

    Dee Why   NSW
      -----Original Message-----Behalf Of   Michael O'Brien
      --Gas water heaters and boilers don't harbor Legionella at 120 F/49 C,
because of the way they heat stored water from the bottom.

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