[Greenbuilding] Opinions on electric plug-in cars - time for atomic batteries?

Tedd Weyman weyman_tedd at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 11:21:04 PDT 2011

Too bad Daiichi Fukashima did not have atomic batteries. TEPCO's battery 
operated generators backing up the reactor heat exchangers lasted only a few 
hours -- the result - core melt, loss of coolant, loss of containment and 000 
times more radionuclear contamination than Chernobyl.  TEPCO's been reporting 
multi Curies per day; as much as 270,000,000 TBq per hour for weeks on end. 

Japan's nuke industry scurried away from good old diesel generators much too 
fast. Nuclear feins that it is green until you look at the complete fuel cycle. 
My favorite fact about nuclear is this: the United States Enrichment Corporation 
produces over 90% of ozone layer depleting CFC's emitted annually int he US. 
Give me carbon over CFC's any day. (and is not reported in the EPA's annual 
industrial global warming report - in fact, nuclear is exempt from GHG regs) 
 How may 10,000 X's more efficient are CFC atoms at advancing the greenhouse 
effect than a carbon molecule? 

Give me carbon emissions over global nuclear contamination, any day.

As for atomic batteries; Sr you say? that was new to me: 

There are lots of historical and current energy systems in space using Plutonium 
and HEU. Here are some: http://www.idealist.ws/nuclearspace.php  This site is a 
little hyperbolic but they have compiled a good set of data.


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"Atomic Battieries"?  AFAIK I know those fancy batteries in satellites are 
powered by highly radioactive isotopes of strontium, etc.  Many years ago, one 
came down in northern canada and spewed radioactive wastes.  Spread over a wide 
area lowers the radiation risks to a non-issue but imagine a car accident in an 
urban area..... 

---- Steve (KZ6LSD)

On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Carmine Vasile <gfx-ch at msn.com> wrote:

Tedd: Have you checked out the EPA-certified performance of  the Chevy Volt? 
("Chevy Volt", IEEE Spectrum, April 2011, pp. 36-7)
>   If we ignore source energy, the EPA estimates the Volt returns the equivalent 
>of 93 mpg and will cost US $1.50 to drive 40 miles with electricity costing 12 
>   How the volt will cut Greenhouse Gas emissions, the EPA doesn't say?
>   Four decades ago, compact versions of atomic batteries like those used in 
>Sputnik & Voyager were supposed to help us from gassing ourselves with CO2 & 
>   What happened?
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