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Here here, Anne!

I wish they'd get around to posting the research results!  But I have spoken 
with Lorri Sipes ofWood Window Repair Company to at least hear the numbers.


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Well, I know a bunch of people (on the oldhouseweb forum, so they do have a 
point of view!) who would tell you the greenest thing you can do is restore your 
old window, install good weatherstripping on them, and add really good-quality 
storms.  I believe your house was 1920s?  So the wood is old-growth and with 
care will last for another century or two, and the weatherstripping and storm 
additions will make it (I've read) nearly as tight as a modern window unit - 
with the advantage of continuing to be repairable.  

I know others here prefer modern technology, but the sight of a bunch of windows 
(and old doors, and plaster and lath) in a dumpster, and new material coming in, 
really bothers me.  For me it's the history as well as the waste - I'm more 
traditional Yankee than modern green.

Disappearing back to lurkdom now . . .

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