[Greenbuilding] Exterior insulation retrofit

Bob Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Fri May 6 17:55:32 PDT 2011

This method is probably a lot cheaper than new windows, besides being more 
conservative of materials.  And you can then do something like interior 
insulated window shutters which do more for the energy conservation aspect 
than even the best window. If I had our house reno to do over, I would have 
not replaced the windows. At least our old windows did not go into the 
landfill, but instead were recycled and gradually over time because cold 
frames and replacement windows elsewhere.

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City'

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From: Anne Judge
Well, I know a bunch of people (on the oldhouseweb forum, so they do have a 
point of view!) who would tell you the greenest thing you can do is restore 
your old window, install good weatherstripping on them, and add really 
good-quality storms.  I believe your house was 1920s?  So the wood is 
old-growth and with care will last for another century or two, and the 
weatherstripping and storm additions will make it (I've read) nearly as 
tight as a modern window unit - with the advantage of continuing to be 

I know others here prefer modern technology, but the sight of a bunch of 
windows (and old doors, and plaster and lath) in a dumpster, and new 
material coming in, really bothers me.  For me it's the history as well as 
the waste - I'm more traditional Yankee than modern green.

Disappearing back to lurkdom now . . .


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