[Greenbuilding] Fence posts--gravel or concrete

William R Bloom wbloom at unm.edu
Mon May 9 15:06:25 PDT 2011

I have put in fences in both Northern Indiana and Michigan 
and never went below 4'.  The foot area of a fence post 
should not receive that much thrust from frost.  The fence 
sections I installed were 6' tall x 8' wide calling for 
posts 8' on center.  I used an 8' post buried 2 1/2 to 3' 
deep with the head of the post below the top of the fence. 
 I used what the previous responder mentioned, gravel in 
the base and a collar of concrete at the top.  If you 
trowel the concrete to slope away from the post, this 
would prevent water from puddling at the base of the fence 
post causing a quicker rot.


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