[Greenbuilding] Fence posts--gravel or concrete

Steve T progressivepenguin at gmail.com
Sat May 21 20:22:59 PDT 2011

I don't doubt that we could use a shallower hole if we were using
concrete, but we will not be.  I've seen what heaving has done to
fences with concrete bases here (IMHO it looks like crap) and I want
to avoid that any way I can especially since it's my fence.  It
doesn't cost me any more to dig 5 feet and the cost of the extra
gravel is negligible.  The fence that we are replacing has concrete
footings, is only 10 years old and tilts in a stiff breeze.  The
physics of the deal says the deeper the post hole, the sturdier fence
so where the previous fence builders underbuilt, I will overbuild just
so I won't have to come back to it again.
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