[Greenbuilding] Returning member

Bobbi Chukran bobbi at bobbichukran.com
Sun May 22 21:08:10 PDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm a returning member who lives in Leander, TX, and a member of the  
Austin Permaculture list and moderator of the Texas Homesteaders  
list.  I've been off and on the list over the years.  We moved from 7- 
acres/big house and bought a downsized home here in town four years  
ago, and have slowly fixed it up.  Rudy finally retired from IBM  
(early) last year, and now we're trying to fulfill one of my long- 
time dreams of buying a vintage home and remodeling/restoring it.

We're about to make an offer tomorrow on a 1930s (!) bungalow that  
needs a lot of work. In some ways, it's overwhelming, but in other  
ways, it's exciting because it will allow us to basically start  
almost from scratch and hopefully add a lot of "green" elements to it  
as we go along.  We want to do this one right...tankless WH, good  
insulation, greywater, a larger rainwater collection system, larger  
garden, etc. It will be a challenge because there's no HVAC system,  
it had old gas space heaters, it's covered with aluminum siding, and  
has the original windows.

I appreciate the wealth of information and resources on this list,  
and hope to be able to contribute something worthwhile.  (And thanks  
to Bill C. for getting me connected again.)

bobbi c.

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