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I'd consider a solar water heating system. There is a a lot of debate
over whether tankless water heaters save energy. Good luck with your

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 11:08 PM, Bobbi Chukran <bobbi at bobbichukran.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a returning member who lives in Leander, TX, and a member of the Austin
> Permaculture list and moderator of the Texas Homesteaders list.  I've been
> off and on the list over the years.  We moved from 7-acres/big house and
> bought a downsized home here in town four years ago, and have slowly fixed
> it up.  Rudy finally retired from IBM (early) last year, and now we're
> trying to fulfill one of my long-time dreams of buying a vintage home and
> remodeling/restoring it.
> We're about to make an offer tomorrow on a 1930s (!) bungalow that needs a
> lot of work. In some ways, it's overwhelming, but in other ways, it's
> exciting because it will allow us to basically start almost from scratch and
> hopefully add a lot of "green" elements to it as we go along.  We want to do
> this one right...tankless WH, good insulation, greywater, a larger rainwater
> collection system, larger garden, etc. It will be a challenge because
> there's no HVAC system, it had old gas space heaters, it's covered with
> aluminum siding, and has the original windows.
> I appreciate the wealth of information and resources on this list, and hope
> to be able to contribute something worthwhile.  (And thanks to Bill C. for
> getting me connected again.)
> bobbi c.
> http://earthly-gardener.blogspot.com
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