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  I'm with Corwyn. This sounds fishy.

  And it probably is.

  It's not that new either, but it always seems to be .connected to, and
dependant on, something else.  And that something else is not without its

  About ten years ago there was a flurry of activityin the "methane economy"
at UNSW. It was connected with the solar tower project at Mildura NSW but
nothing came of it and I don't think there is much progress with the tower
either.  I recall the objective was solar-powered hydrogen production rather
than converting the CO2. The value of methane is that it can be burned by
ordinary people using existing infrstructure and makes a lot more sense than
the "hydrogen economy".

  It could be that there isn't much effort to move to the methane economy
because it may come to us with no effort. Methane is a far more problematic
greenhouse gas than CO2 and one of the greatest threats to humanity is the
squillions of cubic metres of it under the tundra just waiting to get out as
the permafrost melts under climate change.

  On the other hand is CO2 conversion. One thing for certain is that CO2
conversion has a lot more potential than the loony carbon sequestration
fairyland so beloved of our politicians but it seems mostly Popular
Mechanics-type stuff - like re-engineering the atmosphere of Mars so that we
can all fly off and live there happily ever after,

  Nick Pyner

  Dee Why   NSW
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