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JOHN SALMEN terrain at shaw.ca
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Tung oil is excellent for floors and as close as you can get (or better) to
a polyurethane for durability and moisture resistance. Tung oil has good
drying properties so can be used as a 'raw' oil - meaning not polymerized or
treated with heavy metals (as 'boiled' linseed oil is typically).  As a raw
oil it needs to go in thin coats and numerous coats. As a raw product it
will dry to a matte finish - as a polymerized product it will have a
glossier finish.  Once the coats have been built up (4-5) the topcoat can be
buffed to a shinier finish (high speed buffer - generating a little heat to
help oxidize the surface). You can create a polymerized top finish by simply
putting tung oil in a glass jar and putting it in the sun. A thin coat is
what can be put on sparingly, left to soak in for a bit and then wiped off.
A nice thin thin coat can be recoated within 4-6 hours. Avoid heavy liquid
coats as they will be a sticky ugly mess.


Initial coats can be cut with a solvent. Ironically turpentine (same basic
solvent as citrus terpene) is a little more user friendly than citrus
solvents (seems more people develop stronger contact sensitization and
reactions to citrus). We use turpentine. 


Tung oil is actually quite toxic as an uncured material and it takes about a
week to fully cure (similar to polyurethanes).  Linseed oil is added to
commercial mixes of 'tung type finishes' but it for economy only. It would
weaken the finish as make it more prone to discolouration (can blacken).






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Don't know about mixing with citrus or linseed, but I do know that Tung Oil
itself gives a shinny finish like a varnish, not at all like an oil finish
(discovered to my dismay after accepting an offer to refinish a good coffee
table with Tung Oil).


On 11/3/2011 8:10 AM, Gennaro Brooks-Church - Eco Brooklyn wrote: 


I'm interested in your experience with mixing tung oil, citrus solvent and
linseed oil for floors. My experience is that linseed leaves more of a
shinny coating which sort of replicates typical varnish. Does anyone have
suggestions on floor applications? Just tung and citrus? Or is putting a
little linseed better?

Gennaro Brooks-Church
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