[Greenbuilding] Black Locust instead of Ipe

David Bergman bergman at cyberg.com
Wed Nov 16 07:42:24 PST 2011

Tim Keating, who often participates on this list, is an expert on 
both rainforest woods and Black Locust (which he's long advocated as 
a substitute). Hopefully he'll chime in.

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At 10:26 AM 11/16/2011, Sacie Lambertson wrote:
>When we lived in Virginia, Black Locust was the post of choice.  Out 
>here in Kansas, Hedge is (Osage Orange).  Both last forever in the 
>ground, though the latter lasts even longer than that.  This article 
>about using Black Locust which can be sustainably harvested, rather 
>than Ipe, which isn't, is compelling.
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