[Greenbuilding] A tile-setting dilemma around a toilet

Kathy Cochran kathys_old_house at goldrush.com
Wed Nov 16 10:06:40 PST 2011

Hello List,


I am currently in the process of converting my garage (which I lived in
while the house was getting put back together) into a studio that I hope to
rent out.  The toilet was originally put down on the concrete slab.  Now I
am going to put tile down, and the fellow who wants to install the toilet
wants me to cut the tile around the perimeter of the toilet, so the toilet
will sit once again on the concrete.  My thought was that it needed to cut
out around the hole to the sewer.  I am concerned about this because if the
toilet ever has to be replaced, there would create a problem, because all
(at least many) toilets have different shapes.  He says that to build up the
hole so that the toilet would sit flush (no pun intended) with it would be
very difficult.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions how to raise the
"hole" of the sewer?  Any suggestions would be MOST appreciated!




Kathy Cochran

San Andreas, California




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