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Smart Product that is Designed to Help You Manage the Climate of Individual Rooms in Your Home or Office with Ease   

	* Works to control overheated and/or overcooled rooms
	* Save Electricity, Oil, or Gas - Works with all heating & cooling systems.
	* Save Money - The Activent pays for itself in the first year
	* Improve Comfort - Keeps room at set temperature
	* Home Energy Savings - Improve energy efficiency up to 5% per Activent
	* Wireless Zoning - Installs without ductwork or vent modifications
	* Standard sizes for Vent/Floor Registers
Essential Info
The Activent is a new, smart product that is designed to help you manage the climate of individual rooms in your home or office with ease.

The innovative Activent helps eliminate problem areas of over heating or over cooling creating a more comfortable environment.

 addition to comfort, the Activent redistributes hot or cold air to 
other rooms allowing the home to reach its set temperature in a more 
efficient manner, therefore helping reduce utility bills by up to 5% per
 Activent equipped room.

Simply put, managing the climate on a 
room-by-room basis makes the Activent one of this years best buys that 
will save you money! 

Important notes:
	* Smarthome does not offer technical support on this product, please contact the manufacturer directly for all product support.
	* Only merchandise credit for defective items returned within 30 days of purchase. No other returns allowed on this item.
  Manufacturer contact information: 
  Tel: (704) 877-3877 
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