[Greenbuilding] heating water with wood stove - heat transfer/efficiency calculations?

Frank Tettemer frank at livingsol.com
Mon Nov 21 17:55:31 PST 2011

Thanks, Reuben, for that link.

Yes, that's the idea.  And there's three different models!
I hope they can really promote it well, and, that it is accepted by the 
Insurance companies in Aussieland.
I suppose there is no hope of it being certified by UL or CSA underwriters?

What I like in general, about this way of water heating, is that it does 
not interfere with combustion.  It doesn't reduce combustion air 
temperatures at all.  Yes, it will reduce flue gas temperatures. But all 
combustion, both primary and secondary burn, would be completed by the 
time the gases exit the stove and enter the flue.


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     >> What has worked well is a custom made double walled flue pipe,
    made from heavy stainless steel, and filled with water. The water
    column is three feet high, inner flue is six inch diameter, and the
    outer tube is eight inch diameter. Thus there is close to five sq.
    ft. of surface area, of the inner flue pipe in direct contact with
    the water. The heat exchange area is functional.

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Hey, look, someone in Australia decided to commercialize your idea:

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