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Sacie Lambertson sacie.lambertson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 09:05:34 PDT 2012

thanks Rob Tom for your as always useful, imaginative and funny responses.
Knowing our septic tank builder, I seriously doubt he would
countenanceplacing frivolous decorations on his tank
tops.  But, that said, if I'm willing to truck down to his yard with decor
in hand at the time he's ready to pour the cover, he might work with me.
I'm a long long way from that design aspect however.  I have some
beautifulcast iron stove facades that have been waiting for some good
use.  I might
consider this for one.  Lots of other details to consider first though.

As for Feng Shui, without knowing much about the philosophy, insofar as it
suggests taking into account the natural aspects of our environment, isn't
that what we're all about?  Locating a cistern under this porch-like 3
seasons add-on takes some of these elements into consideration whether it
could be called F.S. or not.

I could put the cistern in several other locations, but the proximity of
this location to roof drainage, the possibility of using it to hold up a
room above and such, isn't that taking advantage of what is naturally at
hand?  And what might make sense if the cost matches sensible economy with
what one wants to accomplish.?

Had to Google PITA.  Great acronym.

thanks, Sacie
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